Tyee Resort

The best Blockchain-based resort

Blockchain is a technology that is currently changing the world

we want to bring the power of blockchain technology to the travel industry

Our company is the first blockchain-based resort business, tour resort, hotel, and sightseeing platform combined with a resort fishing platform. Furthermore, through our artificial intelligence system and other improvements in our planned technologies, we will create a smart tour experience utilizing blockchain technology.”

Yo, yo, yo!

You know you’ve never been fishing until you’ve tried our awesome blockchain resort business tour resort hotel fishing package. We’re here to spoil you. Book now and don’t forget to bring your rod!

This resort combines the best of both worlds

The beauty of nature and blockchain technology. It is a global blockchain tourism project, which enables the “blockchain nation” of tourism — from the booking stage to travel preparations, sightseeing, recreation, and more.

Our mission

To provide customers with an all-inclusive

Eco-friendly hotel and resort that offers value for money and a memorable experience.

Want to relax and have a good time? The Tyee Resort is where you should go. Accommodations range from cozy cabins to luxurious hotels. Once there, you can enjoy the sightseeing, fishing, beach activities or just relax by the pool.

The next generation of resorts

Welcome to the next generation of resorts. We’re building an entire community, on top of an island floating in the Pacific Ocean. And we’ll be opening in just a few months!

The Tyee Resort is a blockchain resort business, tour resort, hotel, and sightseeing complex designed to accommodate all guests’ needs. The Tyee Resort is also a complete resort fishing center that will allow you to combine several activities into one vacation.

The Tyee Resort

The Tyee Resort is a blockchain-based resort business. It’s a great place for families to relax, have fun and enjoy the island life. The resort offers numerous activities such as sightseeing or fishing. The resort also has a restaurant, bar, and swimming pool.

Blockchain technology resort

The Tyee Resort is an all-inclusive Blockchain technology resort that offers an array of amenities including a restaurant and bar, a conference center, a business center with meeting rooms, sightseeing tours, an observatory deck, and much more.

Technology meets nature

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A place not just to workout, but also to stay, relax and enjoy your time with friends and family.

There are people who gave us great knowledge when we first tried a blockchain-based resort. They are the CFT team that made the resort available with 비트겟. Without them, our business could not have been completed.

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Best resorts in Canada

The tyee Resort is a blockchain resort business, tour resort, and hotel. It has the vision to become one of the best resorts in Canada by 2022. We are developing our amazing property to include sightseeing, resort fishing, and much more.

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Blockchain-based tour resort

Tyee Resort is an online Blockchain-based tour resort business, with resorts, hotels, and sightseeing trips. It all started with fishing. And then we built a whole resort around it!